Another week down and 5 more runs banked in the training diary.  When I first started my marathon training I was determined to stick to the schedule as rigidly as possible, but as the weeks pass I’ve found myself relaxing a lot more when it comes to adapting or missing runs.  The most important lesson I’ve learnt so far is to listen to what your body is telling you – if your legs are feeling like jelly at the end of a steady 5km you probably need an extra rest day.


Rest day

I had planned to head to hot yoga after work, but it seems the January effect is still in full swing and the class was already fully booked when I rang up at 10am to book a spot. So instead of completely passing out on the sofa the minute I walked through the door I took 20 mins to roll around on the floor with the foam roller whilst simultaneously watching Call the Midwife and eating Butternut Squash Curry.. I’m sure I was in almost as much pain as those women giving birth.

Butternut Squash Curry.JPG


5km, 5:13/km

Having used the treadmill for a lot of my weekday runs pre-marathon training I’ve used it very little over the last 5 weeks. However, when I’m short on time during lunch the convenience of hopping on for 30mins before leaping into the shower is undeniable.  I started at a steady pace of 5:45 and gradually increased throughout my run.

I’m really interested to read more around how to use the treadmill for tempo sessions, so if anyone has any advice please let me know!

Treadmill Run.JPG


6km, 5:33/km

If there’s one day of the week when I’m struggling to follow my schedule it’s Wednesdays. The  mid-week runs are scheduled anywhere between 8km – 16km and although I’ve been able to adapt my working hours to start at 10:30, getting these long runs in before work just don’t seem to be happening (it’s not very profesh to decline a meeting due to running commitments!).

Instead of seeing this as a training fail I’ve been trying to appreciate whatever I do manage to run after a busy day at work.


8km, 5:32/km

After the success of waking up and getting out running in the first few weeks I suddenly found myself struggling to get out of bed in the mornings. But after watching Kat Horrocks video on How to Get Up Early and Stop Snoozing I took her advice and  on Wednesday evening I left my phone over the other side of the room next to my running kit so that when my alarm when off the next day I’d be forced to get up straight away.

This worked like a dream and led to a great morning run, which even meant I made up a bit of the distance that I’d lost the day before.


Rest day

Made awesome by these Cacao Dusted Energy Bites which were all gone within 24 hours, oops.

Energy Bites.JPG


10km trail run, 5:56/km

Having been gifted a car last weekend (my first, despite passing my test fours years ago!) I was super excited to go out and discover some new running routes.

Living so close to Epping Forest I decided to try something different and slightly out of my comfort zone; trail running. It was hard work, but so rewarding every time I reached the top of a hill, only to go down the other side and see another one looming over me. It’s a totally different type of run to flat roads and is something which I’m keen to get into more once marathon training is over.

And it’s a great excuse to use this gorgeous Patagonia trail backpack

Trail Running.JPG


18.3km, 5:58/km

It wasn’t until I woke up on Sunday morning completely exhausted that I realised a 10km trail run probably isn’t the best idea the day before a long run.  I had planned on 22.5km, which would have been my longest run to date, but as anyone who went running yesterday will tell you the wind in London was something else!

I felt pretty good on the first stretch when the wind was on my side, but as soon as I turned around it was like running behind a wind machine. I was completely exhausted by the end of it and my knee issues had also made a re-appearance – something which I need to get assessed this week. I think this huge bowl of pre-run porridge was the only thing getting me through those final miles.