After missing last Monday’s Spin sesh I was back on my A-game today,  with plenty of hill sprints, flat roads and intervals to stretch out my leg’s after the previous day’s 13km. 


5.2km 4:32/km

After loving running around Regent’s Park during lunch last week I thought I’d make it a regular occurrence.  I find new surroundings make running a lot more enjoyable, and I also got caught up with a few running groups, which really spurred me on to push myself that bit harder.

The majority of my training runs are focused on form and endurance over speed, but I wanted to take a session to reassure myself that I could still conquer pace too!  Despite the glum London weather I managed a pretty quick 5km before heading back to the office. I know I mentioned The Hunger before, but this was even more intense this week: I came home and ate all remaining Carrot Cake Cookies with a bowl of home-made Strawberry Chia Jam – delicious!

Week Four Carrot Cake Cookies  


7km recovery 5:52/km

Having overdone it a bit the day before and worrying that I could detect a little niggle suggesting the start of shin splints, I was going to take today as a rest day.  I’d just finished a hectic day at work, had a smashing headache and am not the greatest lover of running on my own in the dark.

I was all set to crawl into bed and feel guilty about missing my run, but, just as I was locating my pyjamas my boyfriend came home and told me he was going straight out for a run. So instead of finding my pyjamas I went in search of my trainers.

I’m so glad I didn’t take the easy option, as we ended up exploring a new route which I’d never have found on my own, and it was also a great way to work out the kinks from the day before. We even did some couples foam rolling – hilar.

Week Four Wednesday Foam Roller


Rest day



I normally have Thursday in as a run day (5km this week) and Friday as a rest day, but I decided to swap them around and add in an extra cross training session instead.  My shins were still feeling a little unsteady, and knowing I had a big weekend of running ahead I thought it wise to give my knees a rest.


21.2km 5:51/km

My weekend schedule called for a paced 10km on Sat and a half marathon distance on Sunday, but knowing I had a party on Saturday evening I thought it would be wise to swap them around.

I fuelled up on an apple and generous spoonful of peanut butter before setting off down the canal to run my 21.2km.  I felt great up until 16km or so, when my left knee and hip really started to ache.  I’m not sure if it was because I was trying hard to hold back on pace, which meant adjusting my stride, or just the week taking it’s toll, but by the time I got home both knees were in a fair amount of pain.


Rest day – very much needed! Edgar knows the drill: Eat, sleep, repeat!

Week Four Sunday Eggy