It may have taken a while (6 months to be precise) but I’m officially back in the blogging game!  I’ve really missed the weekly writing – it’s such a great creative outlet and a brilliant way to get some headspace away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

There were a few reasons why I stopped blogging, but mainly because I wasn’t training for anything in particular.  In hindsight, I should have blogged about The London 10 Mile training, but there’ll be more race reports to come in future.

London 10 Mile.PNG

My sights are now firmly set on the Amsterdam Marathon in October, and I’m really, really hoping for a better time that my first marathon, Milton Keynes, back in May 2016.  I might not go as far as weekly updates this time around, but there will definitely be a fair few posts along the way. I’ve got a new training plan and definitely a better fitness base to go off.

The other reason for the radio silence on here is because I sort of lost my mojo in the kitchen. Cooking and baking still brings me endless joy, but I’ve been relying on well-worn classics rather than experimenting with new recipes.  That said, I’ve been doing a lot more baking of late, and a Sunday isn’t complete without whipping up a batch of flapjacks from Cook. Eat. Love.  so it’s only a matter of time…


Stay tuned if you like lots of marathon chat, pictures of cakes and the occasional rant!