Oh hey 2017!

I’m not even going to go there with the whole hating on 2016 thing. It happened, we all know it happened, onto the next.

What I will say is that in amongst the truly shitty times over the past 12 months, both public and personal, there were also some incredible moments and accomplishments, and it’s those ones which I’m taking with me into the New Year.

Of course, the standout fitness-related moment was crossing the finish-line of the MK Marathon. Yes, it wasn’t quite as fast as I’d hoped and yes, I truly buggered my knees up in the process, but I’m hoping to take the learnings from that first marathon into my training this year and become a stronger runner as a result.

MK Marathon

It’s unlikely I’ll be running another marathon this year, but the knowledge which marathon training gave me, namely respect the distance, will hopefully help me to hit some PBs in other distances. So top of the hit list for 2017:

  • Sub 23min 5km – I’ve come close to this in ParkRun, and I have run 22:30 on a flat treadmill, but I’d really like to take this outside
  •  Sub 50min 10km – I’ll be running a 10km in Victoria Park at the end of Jan, which isn’t quite enough time to get myself in shape, but I’ll do my utmost. I ran 47:43 in the British Heart Foundation 10km in August 2015, but since finding out that the course was 0.2km short I really want to see what I can do with that extra bit added on!
  • Half marathon PB – I ran a 1:55:55 in my first and only half marathon in 2014 and it was a distance which I really enjoyed.  I’ll be entering the ballot for the 10th Royal Parks Half, but seeing as my last two ballot entries have been unsuccessful I’m also on the lookout for another 21km race.  Any goodies out there, let me know!
  • Cycle more – Last but not least, I’m also hoping to get out and about on this beauty a little bit more this year. I live near Epping Forest, which is perfect for cycling, so expect to see a lot more shots of lycra and wheels this year!

Pro Carbon

Aside from the fitness goals, there’s one other thing I’d like to continue into 2017.  This past year it really struck me how important it is to be kind, to yourself and others.  When I went through a tough time mid-way through the year the love and support from friends and family is what helped me smile again.  Seeing the happiness on the faces of people who are in need of a little love is invaluable and the feeling is infectious, so it’s the little acts of kindness which I’ll be focusing on this year.