A couple of months ago I hit a real low point with my skin and I couldn’t figure out what was causing the issue. I was eating well, had a consistent cleansing routine and I was exercising multiple times a week. Ah! Read: I was exercising multiple times a week, often during lunch, before heading straight back to the office.

It wasn’t until I reflected on my make-up habits that it dawned on me that they could be the cause of my breakouts. I religiously wash and cleanse my face after a workout, but it’s very rare that I wash it before and leave it make-up free after, instead covering with a light layer of liquid foundation and tactically placed concealer.

For me, going totally make-up free at work just isn’t an option, but when a colleague (the gorgeous Amy from Bugaboos and Choos) asked if I wanted to pop to the bareMinerals store in Convent Garden I knew this could be the answer to my ‘gym skin’ issues. Enter bareMinerals Original Foundation. When I mentioned my issues to the shop assistant she immediately suggested this product, the idea being that the minerals in the foundation are too big to enter and clog the pores, making it perfect for a post-workout product.  Not only that, but the naturally derived minerals in all of the products are designed not only to cover skin, but improve the appearance of skin over time. Bonus!

Although it took a while to get to grips with the application of a mineral foundation (I use this Kabuki Brush from The Body Shop), a month on and I’m hooked. My skin has settled back down and actually looks better than it did before, with a luminous glow both pre and post-workout. It’s totally buildable too, so depending on your preference you can opt for a light dusting to even out your natural complexion, or apply in layers for a higher coverage.

This has shot up to my number one gym bag make-up staple and I’d thoroughly recommend to any lunch time gym goers!