We all know the feeling.  It’s 4pm, the quinoa salad from lunch feels like a lifetime ago and it’s another few hours until you can start working your magic in the kitchen. Working in an office means it’s incredibly tempting to reach for the biscuits and chocolate everyone else is chomping on, but, choose wisely and you’ll still be full when their tummies start rumbling again.

Living a busy lifestyle means it’s not always possible to make your own supply of healthy snacks (sometimes even boiling an egg to bring in for your rye bread can feel like achievement enough), but luckily there are some real goodies lurking in the shops these days.  I’m fortunate enough to work just round the corner from Planet Organic, which means a whole host of nutritious nibbles are only ever a walk away.

If you struggle to choose from the vast array of snacks and treats on offer, here’s my run down of the Top 5!

Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie Pulsin, £1.75


When I’m looking for a seriously chocolate-y fix without the guilt, these are my go to goodies. The mixture of premium cold-pressed ‘Criollo’ cacao, dates, cashews and Maca gives an insanely rich, gooey texture and depth of flavour akin to that of a regular brownie. This little bar also packs a big punch in the nutrition stakes what with the addition of the energy boosting maca and you’d be hard pressed to tell that it’s Vegan, Gluten-free and Sugar-free, not bad for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Cashew Cookie Nak’d, £0.75


Nak’d bars have been a constant in my snack supplies for almost 2 years, even before I ditched the sugar, which is saying something.  My love of these is well known at work, so much so that when I colleague left recently her parting gift was a bag containing 3 multi-packs. All of the flavours are seriously scrummy (Rhubard and Custard anyone?!) but my all time fave is the Cashew Cookie.  Made up of just two ingredients (Dates & Cashews) they’re perfect fuel for busy days and are sweet enough to satisfy any naughty cravings.

The Beetroot Rude Health, £0.99


As a brand, Rude Health are seriously on point when it comes to all things nutritious and delicious. I love their nut milks and granola, but these bars are where they really come into their own.  Beetroot can be a tricky flavour to pull off, but these bars are the perfect mix of sticky, sweet dates and earthy beetroot.  With only 128kcals per bar these won’t keep you full all day, but they’re great for a snack on the go!

Ginger and Tumeric Oaty Rude Health, £2.10 


When I’m after something more dense, these Ginger and Tumeric Oat Cakes are a lifesaver. With the same texture as a traditional rough oatcake the addition of the ginger and tumeric add a warming lift to a sometimes bland snack and keep you coming back for more. I like them best with a small (who am I kidding?) scraping of cashew butter and they work well for bulking up leftover stews and curries too!

Strawberries and Cream Ombar, £1.99


Some days you just need chocolate, and no amount of fruit and nut bars pretending to be chocolate will change that. This is where Ombar comes into play. Strawberries and Cream is the only flavour I’m yet to try, but I’ve got a strong feeling the other flavours will be just as delicious. Made with raw Ecuadorian chocolate and blended with freeze dried strawberries and coconut cream this is the perfect indulgence for a Friday night after a hard week at work when willpower is low.

Have you tried any of the products on the list and, if so, which are your faves? These are just a selection of the products I’ve tried over the past few years, and I’d love to hear your recommendations of what I should try next!