Whilst this week was a bit better than last in terms of positive vibes, the arrival of my sister’s hen do de-railed my Saturday and Sunday runs for the second week in a row.  As Maid of Honour I was in charge of organising the weekend, the stress of which was only outweighed by the look of pure joy on her face when she realised we were spending the weekend in our very own cottage in the New Forest, surrounded by friends and family.

Although this week wasn’t great in terms of distance, it was exactly the break I needed to get back into my running mojo.


Rest day 


6km, 5:21/km

The weather in London just can’t seem to make up it’s mind, so I’m never quite sure what I’m heading out into on my pre-work runs.  Tuesday was particularly chilly, and my ever persistent knee issues were still troubling me.

I got home and spent a good 10 minutes on the foam roller, as someone mentioned that the knee issues could be linked to issues with my IT band.


8km, 5:32/km (treadmill session)

It always amazes me that some days I can barely run 4km on a treadmill, and others I can get to +8km. I made sure to keep the treadmill on an incline to counteract the fact that I was running indoors, but instead of intervals I kept up a steady speed ,adding a little bit of pace at each km.

8km Treadmill Run - Week Seven

Thursday & Friday – Rest Days 


No running involved, although we did spend an hour and a half practising archery, and my arms were definitely feeling achey the next day!

Archery - Week Seven


The week and hen party came to a close with a wonderful 4 mile walk around the ‘Tall Trees’ in the new forest. With breathtaking views and an abundance of fresh air it was the perfect way to end Week Seven.

New Forest Tall Trees - Week Seven