It wasn’t until the other day when someone asked me how long I’d been  ‘proper runner’ that it even dawned on me that that’s what I am. I’ve been running for a good few years now, and I wasn’t entirely sure how to respond. It got me thinking, what is a Proper Runner?

Of course there are different types of runners (competivite, professional etc) but it’s impossible to look back at my own running jouney and pinpoint the defining moment which took me from someone-who-runs to a ‘runner.’ The more I thought about this the more it bothered me – just because I can run longer and faster than I could 2 years ago it doesn’t mean that my effort was any less commendable.

If anything, it took more of a commitment to get myself out running back then knowing that I wasn’t my fittest and would sometimes struggle after just 2km. Does that mean I wasn’t running, because I sure felt like I was!

If you’re running, you’re a runner. Keep going!